Oster CKSTRS23-SB 22-Quart Roaster Oven:

Want to bakes, roasts and slow cook to show your cooking ability the Oster 22 quart roaster can help you. It has a unique design with self basting lid which keeps food moist and delicious. Well, it is a self-contained roaster which uses steam from cooking to lock in juices. And it will help you to serve mouth-watering food to entertain your guest or friends or family members. It comes with an ideal size that can afford a turkey up to 26 lbs.

The Oster 22 quart roaster oven is top rated which is used must for holiday meals and entertaining. It helps you to prepare special occasion dinner easier in many ways. Just think about all other dishes you can heat up and cook in your kitchen by using this tool. Not only that you will save 30% more time for cooking energy than a regular oven. This oven comes with keep warm setting which helps to roast meat at the perfect temperature.

Features of this product at a glance:

  • Adjustable temperature control which helps to regulate the cooking process.
  • Self basting lid that saves time, energy and heat.
  • 26 lbs turkey cooking space.
  • It includes a removal roasting pan.
  • Simple and user friendly design.
  • More versatile then regular roasting ovens.

Why you should buy this:

Adjustable temperature control: the Oster 22 quart roaster oven sets cooking temperature 150 degree F to 450 degree F. this temperature is usually are not perfect for any cooking. You have to set the temperature for your desired food, for this oven comes with adjustable temperature control, where you can set any temperature to cook food. Well, this is plus point for you.

Self busting lid: this oven features a self busting lid. Just toss the hand buster away; your turkey will cook perfectly. The self busting feature of Oster makes your turkey tender and moist. This self busting lid saves your time, heat and energy.

Cooking space: this Oster roasting oven has a big cooking space where you can easily cook up to 26 pound turkey without any excuse. This is the ideal tool large gathering, special events, functions and holiday entertaining. So, don’t panic and enjoy your holiday.

Removal roasting pan: this featured oven comes with a removal roasting pan which is enameled with stainless steel. It also carries a roasting rack and it is also removal and very easy to clean up.

Simple and easy: the Oster 22 quart roasting oven makes your day easy. If you are planning some fun in your holiday with your friends or family, this oven will make that moment easily. It has a unique compact design with self basting lid which saves your energy. Due to its compact design it is very easy to use. It makes your holiday completely memorable. You can easily serve tender and moist meals.

Versatile: this tool is not only for roasting, you can use this counter top oven for slow cooking baking and more. If you need more cooking capacity and a versatile cooking tool then easily bring this tool in your home.

Product information:

Product dimension 17.5*24*10.5 inches
Shipping weight 17.4 pounds
Manufacturer Jarden consumer solutions
Item model number CKSTRS23-SB
Customer reviews 4.5 out of 5 stars



  • This roaster contains large capacity where you can prepare dinners or lunch to entertain you family or friends.
  • It also provides an extra cooking space with versatile cooking options where you can bake and slow cooking.
  • In this roaster food cooks to moist, tender and juicy.
  • This featured oven built with a variable temperature control to set the temperature 150-450 degree F.
  • It has keep warm setting which is convenient for entertaining.
  • By using this oven you can save your 30% energy than a regular oven.
  • It includes an enamel steel removal roasting pan which helps to fast and even heating distribution.
  • It offers one year warranty.

Some unseen fact of Oster 22 quart roaster oven:

  • This device is light weight.
  • The actual cooking pot would discolor after a 1st
  • The cover is made of aluminum.
  • The inside pan of this roaster is not polished on the rims.
  • The actual roaster would smell, for around 10 minutes and that’s not a big deal because it never leaves smell in food.

How to use an electric roaster oven (for beginners):

  • Before you start to use an oven you have to know the basics. So, familiarize yourself with your roaster oven basics. This will help you to know how to turn on or off the oven and how to move the racks up and down in the oven.
  • Make sure that you know how to set up the temperature, electronic roaster ovens allows you to set up the temperature electronically. And it will give you an indication when the oven is ready.
  • If you are using an electric roaster oven than give some time to preheat your oven while you are begin to preparing foods and baked goods. You should use an oven thermometer to make sure that your oven in on right temperature.
  • When you are ready to bake or cook always use the middle rack. This is the main spot where the heats fluctuate during the cooking process.
  • Some electric ovens seem fairy dry for this it can make delay foods for rising, and then add a little steam in your oven.

Well this is a short from to use an oven from beginners; we expect it will help the beginner users a little bit.

How to clean an oven:

Well, you are taking extra care of your oven but it will not help your oven to not get dirty. In every use your oven will get dirty for the food residue. Then what is the solution to stay clean your oven? You are not wiping your oven if there is a risk to burn yourself. To clean your oven you have to wait as the oven gets cool. And then you can start clean up. But before you start to clean up your oven you have to know the oven type. Find out what type of oven you are using. For this always follow the manufacturer instruction. In this part we are going to give you some cleaning instructions about different types of oven, so let’s begin then.

  • Cleaning an electric oven (Oster 22 quart roaster oven): an electric oven offers two type heating elements. One is for broiling and another one is for baking. The Oster 22 quart roasting oven is an example. To clean an electric oven first opens the oven door or lid 8 to 10 inches and try lifting. Most of electric oven has special hinges which allows the door or lid to lift right off. Then remove the removal rack it your oven has any removal racks. Keep the rack in soap water for a while. Then easily clean deep in the interior by wiping. You can also clean the outside of your oven by using a clean damp cloth. After that clean the removal rack and replace it in the oven.
  • Cleaning a Steam oven: if your oven has a steam cleaning system then this is the perfect option to clean your ovens interior. Foe specifics check the manufacturer’s instruction. To clean a steam cleaning model you will need to pour a cup of water in to the bottom of the oven before you start the steam cleaning mode. The oven will take at least 30 minute to complete the cycle, and it creates steam. When the cycle finish you can wipe out the leftover food residue with a damp cloth.
  • Self cleaning ovens: if your oven features self cleaning system just run the self cleaning process if you need it. Self cleaning process easily reduce ashy residue. To remove those ashy residue just use a damp cloth. Just make sure you have a window open when the process is running. This will help keep the smoke from sticking. In self cleaning oven don’t use any oven cleaners to clean the interior and consider removing plastic knobs.

Oven cleaning materials:

Before you start to clean your oven gather all the materials which are important to clean an oven.

  • Damp micro-fiber cloth.
  • Mild detergents or soapy water.
  • Oven cleaner (for non self cleaning oven).
  • Plastic scrub or brush (for non self cleaning oven).

Safety tips about Oster 22 quart roasting oven:

  • Always wear gloves when you are using it (if you are touching a hot oven).
  • Don’t open oven door or lid when it starts cooking process.
  • Don’t use any dish washer because it’s not dishwasher safe.
  • Always preheat the oven for baked goods.
  • While you are cleaning the oven take out the roasting pan it will help you to easy clean.
  • Set the temperature very carefully.


We’ve shown you all the information about Oster 22 quart roasting oven; You may need some accessories like a rotisserie basket for preparing a perfect roasted item. That’s why you should visit to find some Best quality rotisserie baskets. we also provide safety tips, cleaning process, some unseen facts. Well, this is the best device for roasting and baking. The unique and compact feature, versatile makes this oven perfect. And it is very easy to use. So, if you feel that you need a roaster oven try this one it will never fade you up.











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